Why use a recruitment agency specialising in banking and insurance?

Simply because our consultants all have an excellent knowledge of the recruitment market in which you are positioning yourself...

Instead of wasting your time as you might think, he/she will save you time and ensure that your case is followed up.

The FAB Talents consultant in charge of your application will, once he/she is convinced that your application is well-founded, take you all the way through the recruitment process. He/she will give you the benefit of his/her knowledge of the expectations of his/her clients to maximise your chances of success. He/she will give you advice throughout the recruitment process, helping you to take a step back and to enhance your application: practical advice, who your competitors are in the process, good targeting of salary demands and hiring conditions, deciphering the environment of the position... he/she will be your best ally.

Do not hesitate to consult the list of existing recruitment agencies on the Cabinet Recrutement website.


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