The size of the Luxembourg market and the presence of companies active in similarfields of activity makes seeking talent a subject of strategic importance.Local players regularly mandate agencies to help them with the recruitment process. In this way, they can find the best talent with the utmost discretion and without putting in danger applicants, most of whom are still working elsewhere. In order to ensure a targeted, discreet and high-quality approach, FAB Careers Consultants systematically use head hunting practices. It is in this context that you may potentially receive a call from one of our consultants. But how should you react when a Recruiter contacts you when you had not considered changing jobs ?

It may be surprising or even unsettling to receive a call out of the blue from a stranger offering you new professional opportunities at another company. FAB Careers explains how to react when you are head hunted.


Understand why you have been head-hunted

If a FAB Careers consultant has come across your name while searching for talent, it doesn’t mean that they have full visibility about your professional background. Of course, they know what position you are currently working in but they need to find out more. They have as much information about you as you have about them. A FAB Careers consultant may contact you spontaneously when they have a professional opportunity to offer you. For you, this is an occasionto find out more about the job that you’re being offered and about FAB Careers. For the Consultant, the aim is to gain an overview of your background and your professional aspirations..

During this discussion between you and the consultant, feel free to ask questions about the job, the company and the agency. Don’t worry, while this initial exchange may be brief, you will find out more about the agency and the Recruiter themselves as the process proceeds.


Explain your career aspirations

The start of the discussion between you and the consultant is about your current position within your company and whether a new professional challenge could be of interest to you. The aim being to identify your levers of motivation in the professional sphere and to find out your mid- and long-term goals. At this stage, it’s about getting to know you and understanding your position with regard to a possible change of job. The FAB Careers Consultant will also ask you about your university career (last diploma obtained), the languages you speak and your current job. The aim being to have a general overview of your daily life and responsibilities.

So don’t be too anxious when you receive a head-hunting call (nor overly confident). The Consultant who contacts you knows that such a call can be unsettling. See the call as a new professional opportunity which shouldn’t be taken lightly.Take the time to consider it carefully and in a reflective manner. If necessary, ask the Consultant to call you later.

When a FAB Careers Consultant contacts you directly, they will always start the call by asking if it’s a good time. Recruiters try to call outside of working hours, however, this is not always the case. Don’t hesitate to ask the Consultant to call you back, or to ask them for their number.

If you are interested in the job and you wish to make headway with the process, you’ll be able to discuss your background and professional aspirations at a later date.


Ask questions freely

So that you are able to imagine yourself in the position FAB Careers is offering you, the consultant will give you an overview about it. In this way, you’ll be able to explain to them whether this is the type of professional development you are envisaging. If the described job is of interest to you, the consultant will ask you to send them your CV prior to a more in-depth interview.This interview is an occasion to take stock of your career and to talk about your expectations and the companies of interest to you. This information will help to define your position with regard to your peers and to provide you with an offer matching your profile.

This information, which is essential for the recruitment process, will remain totally confidential and is never relayed to third parties. Your CV will only be sent to the company with your prior approval.


Don’t worry, the Recruiter has your best interests at heart! They want to support you in the management of your career by offering you new opportunities. See the positive side of the situation: your profile is of interest !

To find out more, discover the FAB Careers recruitment process infographic.


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