Using a recruitment agency is an excellent way of progressing professionally in Finance, Banking, Insurance or Private Health Insurance in Luxembourg. However, these entities are often little known by applicants. FAB Careers recruitment agency sums up in a nutshell how entrusting your application to its consultants can help you manage your career long-term.


New professional opportunities

FAB Careers recruitment agency was set up to forge a link between financial structures seeking new talent and professionals with their ear to the ground. Attentive to your expectations and needs in terms of professional development, FAB Careers assists and advises you on managing your career throughout the recruitment process.

Thanks to an in-depth study of the market, recruitment players, salaries offered to competitors and potential developments, FAB Careers consultants bring you an objective vision of the market.


Support for your application

After improving their insight into your profile and pinpointing your expectations, your consultant will build a robust file in support of your application to provide to the company seeking new employees. For example, Consultants may commonly ask you for your latest managerial assessments or a reference, with your approval, from your previous employer. In this way, when the client meets you, they know that your former manager was pleased with you, which is another plus point for your application. The aim is to offer several concrete and objective elements in support of your application.

Of course, the confidentiality of applicants’ information remains a priority.FAB Careers will always ask for your approval before sending your CV to clients, after validating with you the description of your position, your desired pay and the companies of interest to you.


Lasting support

Once your application has been submitted, your file is bolstered by consultants, who know their client, and whom the client recognizes. Therefore, entrusting your application to FAB Careers is a guarantee that your CV will make its way to the right person, who will have a larger amount of information than for spontaneous applicants.

In a transparent manner, the Consultant will provide you with feedback about the positive points and improvements to be made and will carefully monitor your application, even after you are hired by the client company. With a view to supporting you over time, FAB Careers remains updated about developments in the recruitment process and contacts you by phone before and after each of your interviews. FAB Careers also helps you to negotiate your contract and payment terms.


Serious and specialized professionals

All the FAB Careers Consultants boastdual business and sector-specific skills.Experts in human resources and recruitment, they all hail from the banking, insurance or finance sectors. This enables them to better grasp the specificities and the whys and wherefores of each of the jobs in these sectors.


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