2nd highest global GDP per inhabitant after Qatar

In 2013, Luxembourg’s GDP was 264% higher than the European average.Even though the cost of living is slightly higher than elsewhere in Europe, salaries are much higher than the European average. With a good quality of life and excellent buying power, Luxembourg is largely as competitive as its neighbors.


2nd most prominent global center of investment funds after the United States

Luxembourg is considered as a financial market reference but still remains a human scale city (110,499 inhabitants in 2015). The city owes its appeal, amongst other things, to effective legal and regulatory frameworks, which enable the various players to invest flexibly and safely. It should be noted that Luxembourg is Europe’s leading center of investment funds.


1st The Euro Zone’s leading center for Private Banking

Thanks to its history, Luxembourg is a reference in terms of Private Banks. For a Private Banker or a Wealth Planner, coming to Luxembourg brings the certainty of gaining access to a clientele with issues as complex as they are international. European expatriates, young entrepreneurs and families with substantial private fortunes all require expert support. Private Bankers, Wealth Planners and Portfolio Managers, it’s your turn to shine!


148 banking establishments in May 2015

Italian, American, French, Russian and Japanese, there is a great number and diversity of banks.Many banks choose Luxembourg as the seat for their European headquarters. By way of an example, Luxembourg welcomed its seventh Chinese bank in 2016. For the Luxembourg market, this represents a large number of job creations and for employees, the chance to be part of a multi-cultural banking institution.


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