Can I work in Luxembourg if I don't speak English?

Luxembourg is famous for its international focus because, according to lesfrontaliers.lusome 170 different nationalities live alongside each other there.The Grand Duchy is home to the headquarters of banks and international companies, contributing to the country’s multiculturalism and multilingualism.

“French is the main language of communication”, according to the site luxembourg.publicWhat’s more, in a press release, the University of Luxembourg revealed that the most sought-after language in job offers is French. Good news for border dwellers, and more especially, for non-English-speakers. Entering an international market when you only speak French is possible; FAB Careers gives you the lowdown for increasing your chances of success.


Focus on French-speaking companies

French is one of the three official languages of Luxembourg (with German and Luxembourgish) and there are many French-speaking companies. Focus your search on these firms which, in theory, will be more likely to employ you.

When a job offer stipulates that English is a prerequisite, there isn’t much point in applying. Trust the Recruiter who made this point clear: if English is “obligatory” it will very probably be the working language, and perhaps the other team members won’t speak French at all. If “any language other than French is a bonus”, take the opportunity to apply. Perhaps you speak another language (German, Flemish, Portuguese, Italian or Spanish) and you could highlight this fact.


Be honest about your English level

Honesty allows you to get off on a good footing; it’s therefore important to state your real English level on your CV and at interview. Assess your level with regard to European standards (ranging from A1 to C2) or by using qualifiers (mother tongue, professional, fluent, basic). You can also differentiate between written and spoken English. Indeed, some features of Back Offices in particular, require a good level of written English but not necessarily spoken English. Don’t forget that everyday English is very different from business English.

By being as clear as possible about your English level, FAB Careers Consultants will be able to provide you with professional opportunities which truly fit your profile.

Another reason it is important to be transparent about your English level is because it will probably be tested at interview. FAB Careers Consultants always take a few minutes of the interview to speak with you in English. Of course, the aim is to assess your ability to discuss in English in a spontaneous manner and not to unsettle you.

Please disclose your English level to the FAB Careers Consultants. This will help them to guide you in the best way possible. With more targeted applications, you will increase the probability of pursuing the recruitment process with one of FAB Careers’ clients.


Add another feather to your cap

Entering an international market is a real opportunity to improve your English level. Accentuate your watch Boost your level by listening to the radio in English or by reading the international press. This will help you to be aware of the United States’ or Great Britain’s viewpoint about current world affairs, while expanding your professional vocabulary.

Also consider taking evening classes, which are provided by various training bodies. With professional support and as part of a group, you will make rapid progress. Vocabulary, grammar and syntax can all be learned; persevere and your efforts will pay off !

Don’t forget to highlight your efforts by mentioning on your CV that you are taking English lessons or that you are studying for a diploma. Personal initiative is proof of motivation and shows that you wish to enter the Luxembourg market; this is reassuring and encouraging for companies!


If you stick to these guidelines, FAB Careers Consultants will be able to offer you opportunities which are more in line with your profile and support your career development in the best way possible. Please get in touch to find out more.


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