Secteur Assurance

Conseiller en assurance H/F

Its daily activity

The promotion and sale of the services and products of the company he represents are at the heart of the insurance advisor's job. They carry out this task within a given geographical area, managing and developing their client portfolio. They may also be called upon to settle minor claims and handle the administrative and technical aspects of certain contracts.
Also known as an insurance sales agent, they prospect for customers, both companies and individuals, in order to offer them suitable solutions. To do this, they have to assess and analyse their needs and have a thorough knowledge of their company's products and services. Visits to customers require them to work shifted hours and to travel frequently. Insurance advisors may also work at the counter, providing information to policyholders on cover, insurance law and reimbursements. In this case, they have the title of insurance receptionist.
In the field or at the counter, the insurance advisor may work for a banking institution, a firm of general agents or insurance brokers, or for mutual or other insurance companies.


This is a field and contact job, which requires a keen sense of interpersonal skills. The insurance advisor must be tenacious and highly motivated in order to achieve his or her objectives. But their advisory role is just as important. They are good listeners and know how to maintain a relationship of trust with their clients. The better he knows them, the more he can anticipate their needs and offer them suitable products. Without ever losing sight of the interests of policyholders, they must also consider the profitability of the company that employs them.


BTS in insurance, DEUST in insurance (Poitiers, Toulon, Clermont-Ferrand 1), specialised school such as ENAss (national insurance school).


The salary of an insurance advisor may consist partly or wholly of commissions. Their remuneration therefore depends on the results of their activity. On average, a beginner can earn between €16,000 and €20,000 per year. It is then up to him to increase his commissions by developing his clientele.

Career progression

Operational marketing, sales management and training are all career paths to explore for an insurance advisor. With a few years' experience, knowing the field well and knowing how to meet sales targets, he or she can move on to positions such as sales inspector, team manager, insurance broker or general agent, or marketing research officer.